One of the best ways to start your Essential Oil journey is to start with a company that makes having the best possible product available.  That is why I chose Young Living.  Young Living offers a ‘Seed to Seal‘ promise that is not found anywhere else.  If a crop does not produce at the benchmark that Young Living has set, then that oil will not be sold.  Let’s be real.  There are not many companies that would forgo profits because their product was shy of being at that superior level.

The starter kit that I purchased when I joined was the Premium Starter Kit.  It included 11 different essential oils, a diffuser, 2 Ningxia Red packets, and several other goodies to get me started on this journey with the most bang for my buck.  Total game changer.  I have learned a lot about using these oils for the last 4 years, and there is still more to learn!  Using these oils to support my families’ systems (wellness, purpose, and abundance) has been one of the most rewarding experiences.  I’d love to help you get started!  Join below or contact me above with any questions you may have.