HEY sister!!!!

I’m Jennifer, but most call me Jenn.  For the past 3 years or so I have been struggling with a couple of different thought processes.  The first being the mom who doesn’t have time to cook the best meal and taking  advantage of a drive-thru more than I feel comfortable admitting.  The second being the mom who wants her house full of all things organic and nothing else will do.  The third – struggling to find a balance between work, passion, and family.  And lastly taking care of myself, because let’s be real…  we aren’t in our early 20’s anymore.

First, a little back story about me.  I have loved makeup ever since I was a little girl… it was kind of inevitable since my mom was a beautician.  I grew up spending quite a bit of time in a salon where women would have these amazing friendships built around making each other look fabulous.  These women were also hard working entrepreneurs.  They helped each other and helped hundreds of other busy women build their own businesses and look beautiful doing it.  Talk about inspiration!

When I turned 30 I started noticing changes in my skin.  It was no longer glowing like it did 10 years before.  There were signs of fine lines forming.  And crow’s feet – oh the crow’s feet…  evidence that I love a good laugh.  I also felt like I was losing myself.  I had been working as a wedding and family photographer AND keeping a full time job.  I felt like I couldn’t focus on my passion at the time which in turn made me feel like a failure.  I took all of these changes out on my family (especially my husband) and you know what? I did fail.  I failed at seeing what it was that God wanted for my life.  I failed at seeing that maybe I needed to shut some doors and keep walking through the ones that were being opened for me and instead I let the poison of negativity run my thoughts and actions.

Two years later I started a journey with Young Living.  And while I didn’t continue walking through that door that other’s were helping to open for me, it opened my eyes to how life should really be- friendships, being intentional with what you feed your mind and your body, and helping others do the same.  It has taken a few years to fully grasp what was being handed to me and I’ve missed the mark where I could have grown even more had I just focused, but I 100% believe that was my learning curve.  Babies don’t always walk the first time.  Why should we think that other milestones are any different?

Something else I kept noticing in my social media feeds, is that I wasn’t alone.  There are so many moms out there just like me trying to be the “perfect” mom when there simply is no such thing.  You can see their tired eyes and weary smiles in their photos.  I wish I could reach out and hug every single one of them and tell them that they are wonderful moms.  My hope is that this little adventure is like doing just that.  This is my encouragement for you to keep going.  Keep trying.  Pick your battles.  Win your life back. 

So stick around, say hello, get encouraged, and live your life!


Photo Credit :: Casey + Kristin