Three things that scare me

Three things that scare me::  public speaking, confrontation, and not being in control.

This Saturday I will be hosting an Intro to Oils 101 class at our local library and I feel like I will be meeting all of those listed above all in the same hour.

Talking in front of people I hardly know or who I do know about a subject so deep as oils is flippin’ scary ya’ll!  I know what I know about oils, but there is an incredible nerdy side to oils that I cannot even fathom.  How great is our God who can create and think such things?

Then I have this fear that someone will show up to heckle me.  You know.. a hater?

And lastly, I have a bad habit of doing things like this all on my own and not asking God to take control.  I’m  prepared.. Okay.. I’m semi prepared.  I still have work to do, but I’m trying to not over analyze how many people are going to show up or if anyone will show up at all.  #jesustakethewheel

But this quote shows up and I feel comforted.  Saturday will be fun, I will survive, and then I will plan another one.



If you are in the Knoxville, TN area and would like to attend this event, click here to learn more!

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