Phone Call, Text, or Smoke Signals

What’s your favorite form of communication?  I’m a text before you call kind of girl, but since we’re here, I’d love to introduce myself!  My name is Jennifer, but am often just called Jenn.  I am a wife, boy mom, and a lover of all things Jesus, tacos, essential oils, photography, and quilting.  I’m a 9-5’er with hopes and dreams of entrepreneurship that takes me outside of that box and allows me to thrive on creativity and coffee.  I dream of being able to help my local community by giving to those who are in need rise up out of poverty and make a better life for themselves and their family.  Yes, that is my crazy dream.  I don’t even think I have spoken these words to my husband, but for months I have felt this pull to help those who have no hope find themselves and their calling.

A few things I’m really loving right now:: Chicken Fajita Salads, La Croix Blackberry and Cucumber Sparkling water mixed with NingXia Red, and of course dark chocolate truffles.

Your turn!  Tell me about you!  I can’t wait to hear what wonderful things you are creating with your life.


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