My heart hurts for the world. I can’t even watch the news because of all of the sadness and pain they show day in and day out. Just 30 minutes of news is enough to send me to that dark emotional place of heartache. It is the curse for an empathizer.

And now we have commentary for all news articles. People arguing with people they have never and will never meet over something neither have control of, or worse, won’t take the time to help. Ugly, awful, hateful comments that divide us more and more everyday.

The worst one lately that is spreading like wildfire::  Prayers don’t work.

I wholeheartedly disagree. Prayers do work. BUT people are lazy and do not step up to do the work God has asked of them (i.e. faith without works is dead), so we are the ones dropping the ball not God.

If we want change (yes we do!!!), then we have to be willing to do 2 things; 1) ask God to lead us to the right doors to make those changes, and 2) we need to open that door. And here is a bonus one, be kinder than necessary. We need more compassionate, loving, and friendly faces.

Faith + Action = Results

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