I’m that mom on Halloween

This year for Halloween Wade wanted to be Harry Potter (as did 100 million other kids).  I looked for a Harry Potter costume at Target and Walmart with little luck, so as any semi crunchy mom would do, I turned to my trusty friend, Amazon Prime.

Let me go ahead and preface this post by saying I have never read Harry Potter.  Will I?  Maybe.  Soon??  Probably not.  I love reading.  Really, I do!  It’s just after working a full-time job, being a mom and wife, and being vested in my passions and church there just isn’t much of me left to do some reading.

And right now I’m going to be real with ya’ll…  I went as cheap as I could.  Why?  Because spending $100 on a costume that he will wear 3 times this year and be over it is beyond ridiculous to me.  But dang?  What are all of these different colors? Is Harry red and the red-headed kid in green?  How will I choose?  Easy…  whatever is on Prime.  Free shipping rules this shopping heart of mine!  I only spent $50 and was pretty proud I found Harry Potter and I didn’t have to drive anywhere to pick it up.

Thus the greatest Harry Potter sin ever happened.

“Mom!  This is the wrong costume!  This is Slytherin.  I need Gryffindor!!!  Ugh.  The only thing you got right were the glasses.”

Mom fail of the year goes right here.  I didn’t know!  Honest mistake!!!  It would have take 3 times as long to pick it out online.  Patience, right?  Sorry kid.

But hey, Jace loved his $10 Walmart Batman costume.  There’s  a little redemption for me.  😉

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