The Long Haired Boy

Man oh man have my husband and I caught some flack about our youngest son’s hair being long.  Not only from strangers (yes, we see you side-eye us when we tell you that he is in fact a boy, albeit a pretty one),
but also from those closest to us.  I thought that maybe it might help to clear the air on why his hair is long.

It all started with this adorable little curls.  He just looked so precious with them!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Long Haired Boy

And we just couldn’t cut his hair.  Even the baby sitter started to ask.  Then our own family.  Then our friends.  “When are you going to cut his hair?!” “Don’t you think it is time to cut it?”
It sometimes was funny.  Sometimes frustrating.  We loved his hair and it fit his little personality perfectly.

THEN we started to ask ourselves when we were going to cut it.  We just couldn’t do it.  We love his hair and how it ‘flounces’ as he runs. It is just so flippin’ cute!

flounce -v. flowing and bouncing at the same time

Then one day I asked Sean, “What if we donate his hair?  When it is long enough to donate, that’s what we will do.”
Instantly we fell in love with the idea.  And instantly, we got more flack.

Some people got it.  Some people didn’t.  Even more strange looks met us.  Now it is “She’s so cute!” “What a pretty little girl?!” I mean, I get it.  He is pretty.
He has dainty features and looks just like I did when I was his age.  I completely get it.  But I make sure to dress him in ‘boy’ clothes.

:: SOAP BOX ::

Let’s go ahead and stop right there because I’m not saying that your little girl cannot wear dinosaurs.  The dinosaur shirt was just one of the four choices
I had when we were shopping for his clothes.  I mean… we only get maybe 4 racks at Target to peruse through.  Same at Old Navy.
All I’m saying is that if I had a little girl, I would not actively shop for her clothes in the boys section of the store.
IF she wanted a dinosaur shirt, let’s get it!  I’m all for the dinosaurs.  They are pretty cool and I may be a tad jealous that I can’t find one in my size.


I have had people argue with me that he is not a boy.  I’m not kidding.  The lady at the doctor’s office (that was fun).  The girl at McDonald’s (man, she did not want to give him a boy toy at all).
And the guy who just kept ignoring me after repeating over and over that he is in fact a boy (she loves to play basketball doesn’t she?! <- his words not mine, I played basketball when I was little).

The State of Jace’s Hair Now

Here is where we are now with Jace’s hair.  He doesn’t want to cut it.  He loves his hair, except when I have to brush it.  And yes, we are still going to donate.


So why the post?  After all, in my mother-in-law’s own words, it’s just hair. (PS Thank you, Mae Mae!) I felt that maybe I needed to put Jace’s story out there.

I thought about getting a little biblical.  Maybe then someone will hear me.  If I called it his ‘calling,’ like Solomon’s, maybe someone would understand.  But I really don’t think I have to.
If you are a Christian, then you already know those stories and I don’t need to rehash them.

This is a gift that is absolutely priceless.  Yes, it is just hair, but to a little girl who has lost all of her hair to chemo treatments, this is a little bit of normalcy and a confidence booster.
I will never know who received his hair, but I really wish I could find out and see her wearing it.

I will never get to see the joy on her face when she puts on her wig for the first time and looks into the mirror and smiles at her reflection.
I will never get to see her parents tell her just how beautiful she is with and without the hair and cover her in hugs and snuggles.

Through all of the snarky comments of, “Maybe you should just cut it.” I think about this little girl (or boy!) and her parents and I thank God that Jace can offer such a gift.

What an honor!!!

Who are we donating to?  We are donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!!

When we first started this journey we were initially going to donate to Locks of Love,
but we quickly learned that they charge the recipients for their wig.  We feel that if we are donating the hair and it is going to a cancer patient, we do not want
the recipient to worry about another cost.  Pantene Beautiful Lengths’ mission is exactly what we were after with this journey.

If you are donating or have donated, I would love to hear your story!  If you are thinking about donating, then please follow the link above and learn more about how long it has to be and what types of hair they will accept.


Photo credit :: Jenn Brown Photo

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