3 Ways To Earn Free Essential Oils

Let’s dive in and talk about 3 ways to earn free essential oils!  

When I first happened upon essential oils I was dealing with a couple of health issues.  These issues ranged from my endocrine system, digestive system, weight management, and anxiety/stress which I started to believe were all interrelated.  When I am stressed I tend to crave junk food.  When I eat junk food, I’m sabotaging my diet.  Many times junk food contains items that will effect your digestive system and endocrine system.  Messing with these two systems can be attributed to anxiety/stress.  THEN the cycle continues.  If you have ever watched Austin Powers, then you’ll know the infamous line that Fat Bastard gives towards the end.

“I eat because I feel bad.  I feel bad because I eat.”

I knew things needed to change in my life and Young Living was one of those gateways for me to dump these bad habits and create good habits.  At first it seemed so overwhelming.  “Do I have to dump every single chemically infused product I own?” “Does everything I buy need to be organic?” “Will I smell like a dirty hippie?”  I had all kinds of questions.  Then there was a moment where I had an epiphany.  Okay, okay…  It wasn’t like no one had never told me this before.  It’s just I didn’t understand until this moment why it was so important.  I needed balance in my life.  Consequently balance included a good diet, better time management, and time to rest.  Basically you are being intentional about everything you are doing all day long.  Oh..  have you ever heard that saying ‘you are what you eat’?  It doesn’t only include things you eat or drink.  It includes the things you feed your mind.

Because I’m on this mission to do and be better, I’m using products that were purposed by God to use for your body.  I’m eating foods that have purpose to my body.  I’m being conscious about the things I’m watching and listening to.  I started walking and getting that heart rate up (which I need to do more of!).  As a result guess what happened???  My stomach felt better, I didn’t feel like a crazy loon, my anxiety/stress was relieved, and my waist size got smaller.  I felt happier than I had in a long time!

“But I can’t afford oils.”

I get it!  And if being healthier isn’t something you are interested in, then you will never see the value of oils.  Plain and simple.  However, if you are tired of eating and feeling like junk, then where there’s a will there’s a way.  This leads me to number 1!

Free Essential Oils

#1 Become a Member

First of all it all begins here.  Forget about being a ‘retail’ customer.  There is simply no benefit of that whatsoever.  You will pay full price for your oils and can never receive promotions that may be offered monthly.  By becoming a member you are already saving money because you will receive 24% off of your order every time.  Not only that, but you can purchase the Premium Starter Kit and save about $150 on all of the products you receive in the kit.  That is a HUGE benefit!  Also, you don’t have to pay a membership fee every year.  As long as you are spending 50 pv within a 12 month period, you remain an active member.  And that is so incredibly easy – that’s a bottle of Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon or a bottle of Joy and Orange.  Those oils make some of my favorite combos!


#2 Place Qualifying Orders

As a member when you place a qualifying order of 190 pv, 250 pv, or 300 pv, then you will earn that month’s promotional products FREE!!!!  These products can include oils, supplements, cleaners, whatever Young Living chooses for that month’s promos.

This month’s promos are::

190 pv – 15 ml Fennel

250 pv – RutaVaLa Roll On (10 ml) and 15 ml Fennel

300 pv – Essentialzymes-4, RutaVaLa Roll On (10 ml), and 15 ml Fennel

I know what you are thinking..  “Jenn, I just told you that I cannot afford to spend so much money on oils.”  I get it!  So what if a couple of your friends would like to order something through you.  I do suggest that they pay full retail on the products because they are not members and this isn’t something that you will want to continue because if you are like me you are far too busy to keep running to the post office.  I mean.. you might as well add a bottle of Stress Away if you keep this up, right?!


#3 Essential Rewards

This is 100% the way to go!  Okay, so let me break down Essential Rewards for you because this is what I do and it is AAAHHHHHHMMMMMMAAAAZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!   Yes, I love it that much!  Okay, so on Essential Rewards (ER or my monthly wellness box) all I have to order is 50 pv and I get cheaper shipping (win!) and I earn a percentage back in points based on how much I ordered that month.  Those points can be spent through Quick Order and you could purchase products for FREE!  Please go back and read what I just wrote and then pick your chin up off the ground.  Yes.  Free products.  Free Ningxia Red.  Free Lavender.  Free Nitro.  Free Peppermint.  Free Peace and Calming.  Free Valor.  Free Tranquil.  You can get them for FREE!!!!!!!!

A quick note::  There is no limit on how many points you can earn in a month BUT you can only spend 350 points per month.

How many points do you earn?  It is based on loyalty.  Right now I’m earning 20% of my ER order in points.  Spend 100 pv – I’ve earned 20 points. Here is the break down of percentages//

1-3 months – 10% of your ER order pv
4-24 months – 20% of your ER order pv
25+ – 25% of your ER order pv

So you are earning points to purchase free products and getting your shipping costs a little cheaper and you are ordering at wholesale with 24% off.  Could it get any better than that???  Umm… Yes. Yes, it can!  For the first year that you are on Essential Rewards, you will receive anniversary gifts!!!

After 3 months you will get a 5 ml bottle of Peppermint
After 6 months you will get a 5 ml bottle of Thieves
After 9 months you will get a 15 ml bottle of Melaleuca A (Tea Tree oil)
After 12 months you will get a bottle of Loyalty oil.  A special formula created by Young Living’s founder, Gary Young!  You can only get this oil this way!!!

So you are earning points to purchase free essential oils and getting your shipping costs a little cheaper and you are ordering at wholesale with 24% off AND getting anniversary gifts the for the first 12 months of signing up for ER.  Could it get any better than that???  Umm… Yes. Yes, it can!  If you place a qualifying order you get more free essential oils plus ER Exclusives!!!  Unlike placing qualifying orders through Quick Order, qualifying orders start at 100 pv!

This month’s promos are::

100 pv – 5 ml Lavender Vitality

190 pv – 15 ml Fennel, 15 ml Thieves, and 5 ml Lavender Vitality

250 pv – RutaVaLa Roll On, 15 ml Fennel, 15 ml Thieves, and 5 ml Lavender Vitality

300 pv – Essentialzymes-4, RutaVaLa Roll On, 15 ml Fennel, 15 ml Thieves, and 5 ml Lavender Vitality

When I learned all of this it was a no brainer on how I wanted to place my orders.  I could earn points to get my laundry detergent or bath wash and shampoo for free.  I was getting cheaper shipping costs.  I am ordering at wholesale costs.  I get free products with qualifying orders.  The first 12 months I’m getting anniversary gifts.  Could it get any better than that???  Umm… Yes. Yes, it can!

Free Essential Oils


Don’t you love bonuses?  I do!  After a few months of taking advantage of my Essential Rewards and telling my friends about the products I had discovered and loved, Young Living actually sent me a ‘thank you’ check.  Yep.  Sure did.  At first I was surprised.  How did I get this?   What did I do to earn it?  How do I do it again, because heck yes!  Here is what happened.  A couple of my friends decided that they wanted to get their own membership through Young Living so they could earn their free products and points and cheaper shipping, and when they used my member number as who referred them and ordered their Premium Starter Kit, I earned an immediate $25 plus I get 25% off of their orders the first 3 months they sign up.

You have to place your own order of 100 pv to qualify for the ‘thank you’ check, but I was already doing that to get my points and my free products through my qualifying orders.  Now my ‘thank you’ check is covering the costs of my oils AND I’m getting my points and free products and cheaper shipping!  The best part is I don’t have to carry stock. I don’t have to be sales-y.  And I am helping my family’s wellness all at the same time!


If this sounds like something you are interested in doing for yourself and/or your family, it is soooo very easy to get started.  Simply go to bit.ly/jbrownyl and become a member.  I promise that if a life of wellness is something you are looking for, this is the best decision you will make in your journey!  The Premium Starter Kit is only $160 and values over $300 worth of products.  It is the best way to jump in to balance your life out!

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