To the birthday boys

Yes, you read that correctly.  Sean and Wade share the same birthday day!  I think it is so very special that they share their big day together because it is so much fun watching them love on each other throughout the day.  It is funny how people are a little kinder when they know it is your birthday.

To Wade,

Happy birthday, kiddo!  I cannot believe you are 9 years old today.  My 9th birthday was my favorite birthday full of fun and family and a good ole’ summer day.  I’m excited to take you back to the beach and you can play until your heart’s content or your belly growls or more of what will happen – my belly growls.  I can’t wait to make some fun memories with you there!

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To Sean,

Happy birthday, baby!  I cannot believe you are.. Haha!!  I won’t do it to you. 😉  I feel only semi guilty for leaving you on your birthday.  I say semi because you have so much peaceful quiet time the next few days.  JEALOUS!!!  Where do I sign up for this?  I hope you enjoy your peaceful days ahead and also brace yourself for the craziness that will be back home on the 4th.  I’m excited about your next 365 days here with us and can’t wait to make a million more memories with you.  I love you.

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Gosh I love these guys so much!  Now off to make it a great day!

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