Embrace Change

The other day I heard this quote about change that said something to the effect of ::

You don’t have to change everything at once.  Just the things you want different.

It really spoke to me because changing the course of your life is as simple as that.  Do nothing and nothing will change.  If you don’t like your job, but you never apply for a different job or learn a different skill, then you cannot expect to find a better career choice.  If you don’t like the way your clothes fit, but don’t change your diet or start some sort of work out, then you will continue to feel uncomfortable.  If you always feel hopeless but don’t take time to think about all the things in your life that are right, then you will continue to concentrate on the things that are “wrong” in your life.

At one point or another I have felt all of these things and I have thought about them more times than I care to count.  There have been nights where all I could think about were what I wanted different and what I wish I had done differently in my life.  Want me to name them??

Why didn’t I find my calling early and get a fancy college degree?
Why I didn’t jump on a career advancement?
Why I left a job?
Why I let someone treat me terribly?
Why am I afraid to work for myself?
Why can’t I have a fancy new car?
Why can’t we live in a fancy new house?
Why does my wardrobe look like blahhhh??
Why can’t I write like so and so?

The list can go on and on and on..  And just typing them out makes me cringe and feel both embarrassed for myself and a little bit of self pity at the same time.  Yuck.  Then I started a devotional study in the Joydroppers group called “21 Days of Prayer for Your Business” by Monique McClean.  By day 3 I could really feel an attitude shift.  I was excited to get up to read and reflect what Monique was saying for that day.  There were action steps and prayers and scriptures to keep close.  It was life changing!

THEN I read Oola for Women.  *Jaw Drop* It was eye opening and so encouraging to work on small goals that eventually lead to your big goal that gets you to your dream.  The idea is you do three small things every day that gets you closer to completing your goal and your definition of success.

So if you are feeling stuck, go buy these books.  Read them.  Embrace what they are saying.  And then get to work.  You will wish you had started yesterday!



Want to lead a life of wellness?  Want to rid your house of chemicals?  Want toxic free makeup?  Want to change your financial future?  Join me here!

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